Venerable Gendun: Law of Karma – What goes around comes around 27-29.4.2019 klo 10-16

The wise and inspiring Venerable Tenzin Gendun from the Nalanda Monastery will visit us again in the end of April!

This time Venerable Gendun will teach about the principles behind the mysterious Law of Karma, the accumulation and fruition of different karmas…

Do you ever ask yourself:

”Was I born a human thanks to the mercy of external factors or did I actually do something to reach this form of existence?”

”Could I be born a mosquito in my next life, or could I become a powerful king or queen in the god realm?”

Most importantly: ”Could I get a precious human rebirth once again?” ”Is it possibile to purify negative karma accumulated in the past?”

Our Karma determines our whole existence and yet we cannot fully understand its workings and nuances until we reach enlightenment. Join the weekend teachings around this intriguing topic and gain a deeper understanding of the law of karmic cause and effect in the guidance of an experienced Buddhist monk, whose aproach is easygoing yet very profound!

Suggested donation: €60 / weekend or €40 / day (members, unemployed, retired abd students: €50 /weekend or €30/day)
Venue: Buddhalainen keskus Sampo, Vetehisenkuja 3, Hakaniemi, Helsinki
Info and registration:

Warmly welcome old and new friends!