Lamrim Mondays 22.2.-4.4.2016 by Joona

The Graduated Path to Enlightenment
In this lecture series Joona, registered FPMT Discovering Buddhism program teacher and PhD in Tibetology will be teaching the lam rim, or the graduated path to enlightenment. The teachings will draw on several works but will demonstrate how the whole lam rim can be condensed into the three principal aspects of the path: renunciation, bodhichitta and the correct view of emptiness. Joona is also the Tibetan-English Translation Coordinator for the FPMT’s Education Department and has been studying Buddhism for 17 years. Teachings are held in English.

Teacher: Joona
Time: Mondays at 18-20
When: From 22nd February to 4th April
Venue: Buddhalainen keskus Sampo, Vetehisenkuja 3
Price: We encourage people for generosity and suggested donation for each session is 10 €, but everyone is free to donate according their ability.