Stephan Wormlandin opetukset Helsingissä

28.–29.3.2015 Transforming Problems by Applying the Eight Verses of Thought Transformation & 30.3.2015 The Psychology of  Buddhist Tantra

Eight Verses of Thought Transformation is one of the most important texts from a genre of Tibetan spiritual writings known as lojong (mind training). The root text was written by the eleventh-century meditator Langri Tangpa Dorje Senghe. His Holiness the Dalai Lama refers to this work as one of the main sources of inspiration for him and includes it in his daily meditations. This text is an excellent way of getting a wider perspective on the problems and adverse situations in our daily life.

On Monday evening Stephan Wormland will be talking about the nature of tantric practice and the links between Western psychology and Tibetan Buddhist tantric practices. In tantric practices one chooses to confront fear, aggression, desire, and pride, and to work with them in such a way that they are channeled into creative expression and loving relationships, for instance.

Stephan Wormland, born in 1965 in Germany, has studied and practiced meditation in multiple traditions for over 25 years. He has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and has trained in Gestalt therapy and worked in a psychiatric hospital. He lived as an ordained monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years and, during that time, served as the director of Nalanda Monastery in the south of France and spent a total of four years in group and solitary retreats. Since 2008 he has been the main teacher of the FPMT Center in Copenhagen and teaches meditation in Buddhist Centers around Europe. In addition to teaching at CVM he is also a senior trainer and program advisor for the Potential Project.